A 24-hour sponsored Art Event for Derian House Children's Hospice

Situated in the heart of Lancashire, Derian House provides palliative, specialist respite and end of life care for children and young adults throughout the North West region. Families who have a child with a life shortening condition can choose from a range of care and support services to meet their Family Support, and end of life care, either at home, or in Derian House. The emphasis is on giving support to children and their families, and providing them with choices which deliver an approach to care as individual as they are.

Art works for Derian House.JPG

Our Art teacher, aided by our PE teacher, held a 24-hour Art Event in the college. They were joined by 4 students, 2 of whom were able to keep up the generation of art work for the full 24 hour period. Some beautiful works of art were created and through a combination of sponsorship and the sale of the art a total of over £700 was raised for this vital and amazing charity. It is likely that the total will continue to rise as further art works are sold via auction.

We would like to thank the members of our dedicated teaching staff for organising this event and the students who worked so hard for such a long period of time to help raise this significant amount of money.

If you would like to know more about the work of Derian House, please click the link below: