Cloughside College - curriculum opportunities

Cloughside College Curriculum Offer

Cloughside College is school for secondary aged students from 11-18 who are too ill to attend their usual school. All of our students are supported by CAMHS and all are supported by a consultant. A small number of students are educated separately in a medium secure forensic unit. This is due to the fact that they are deemed to require care and treatment within a secure mental health service.

We provide:

  • Small classes
  • Personalised timetables
  • Access to a range of fully qualified teaching staff
  • Close liaison with home, medical professionals and schools

For the majority of students the college offers a temporary place until the students can return to their home school, or transfer to a new school that better suits their needs.

All students benefit from a fully personalised learning experience where their individual needs are carefully considered. Where possible the aim is to continue with their home school education. Each student has a personalised timetable comprising core and foundation subjects. We also offer Arts Award, ASDAN, Open Awards, a vocational element and healthcare workers provide therapy sessions. 

Our student timetables are all personalised. Consultants will decide if students are well enough to attend main classes. Students will start on a timetable of about 4 sessions per week. Initial assessments are carried out to ensure work is pitched at an appropriate level. Home schools are also contacted to aim for a seamless transition to education in the new school. 

The number of sessions timetabled will quickly increase if the students are able to manage more. Some of our students have full timetables. For many, a part-time timetable is needed. A weekly multi-disciplinery team meeting is used to discuss the health and education of every student. The team aims to set realistic attendance targets for each young person. All students will also carry out additional therapy and activities during the school day to aid their recovery. 

At key stage 3 (years 7-9) students are offered a broad and balanced curriculum of English, Maths, Science, Computing, Design Technology, History, Geography, RE, PE, Art, Citizenship and PHSE. This is  supplemented by enrichment activities such as Horticulture, Cooking and Music. 

At key stage 4 (years 10-11) students are offered accredited courses in English, Mathematics, Science, Art, PHSE, preparation for working life, Computing and Humanities. The qualifications offered to students include full GCSE, along with other Level 1, Level 2 and Entry Level courses. 

At key stage 5 (years 12-13) students will be offered a range of academic and vocational qualifications in line with their home school offer. Where students are not currently in education, they are encouraged to take up study in the college. Maths, English or a functional skills qualification is offered to all students who do not already have a Level 2 qualification in either subject. Students are also able to select options from a range of vocational awards. 

Please contact us if you would like any further information.