Our learners come from a wide range of mainstream schools and other settings. Many arrive following particular specifications in their chosen subjects and we strive to maintain the continuity they need. Since learners come from a wide range of different areas and settings, we have a fluid mix of different exam boards and specifications. It is this that makes our job so exciting as we want to ensure every student is supported and encouraged towards achieving their full potential. We liaise closely with the students' home schools to ensure that we make the transition into hospital education and back out again as smooth as possible

We aim to deliver an exciting and inspirational timetable of lessons to support our young people’s learning. During Key Stage 4 most of our learners work towards national qualifications - usually GCSEs. The compulsory national curriculum subjects are the ‘core’ and ‘foundation’ subjects.

Over the past year the review of the National Curriculum in England has been looking at curricula in the highest performing, and fastest improving, jurisdictions internationally. We want to ensure that every learner has mastered the subject content before the individual/class moves on to tackle the next part of the curriculum.