Student Council Reps

Cloughside College has an active Student Council on both Gardener Unit and Junction 17. The college units have one student representative each, who meets with the staff members involved in helping the students to run the council. The aim of the council is to promote a positive environment for all the students and staff, to give the students a voice and enable them to contribute to how their college can move forward in a positive way. The student council will give the students the chance to put forward their ideas and requests to the headteacher, teaching staff and NHS staff through their college representative at regular monthly meetings.

The student council reps are elected by their peers. 

The student representative is required to be working hard and engaging with college on a daily basis. They must strive to avoid behavioural issues during and after school. Generally, they are expected to be helpful, courteous, and positive during school and after school hours.

The student council representative’s duties are:-

  • To liaise with his /her fellow peers, teachers and health staff.
  • To listen to student requests during the community meeting.
  • To bring student requests to formal student council meeting, this will take place on a half termly basis or as required.
  • To take part in showing visitors around the college with staff support in a respectful way.
  • To be the positive face of the student body for each college and behave appropriately.

Meetings take place after college at 3:30pm, within the lunch time break or during pastoral time.

Student council reps meet with the teaching assistants on each unit as their contact persons.

All students are encouraged to feed back to their rep and help us make continuous improvements to support everyone.