Visit to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

We were fortunate to visit the Yorkshire Sculpture Park on a glorious sun-drenched Thursday last week, giving students and staff a first taste of Summer. Our route through the park was planned carefully to maximise the learning opportunities for all of our young people.

group1.jpg               artwork3.jpg

Our walk took us past many beautiful sculptures by world-famous artists. Particularly striking were works by Ai Weiwei, Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth and Zak Ové. 

statues.jpg          artwork2.jpg

We also enjoyed the rich landscapes and the bluebell-filled woodlands. The student response for the visit to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park has been overwhelmingly positive.

metal tree.jpg          rubbish tree.jpg

The YSP permits visitors to view artworks in a stunning countryside setting and our students were able to get close-up to many sculptures in order to experience them via touch and tactile sensation as well as visually. This prompted many interesting discussions with the students on the context and meaning of the artworks and the various techniques utilised by the artists to achieve their incredible results. 

group2.jpg          rabbit.jpg

Our college dogs, Honey and Rupert, had a wonderful time too, although they found the park's hundreds of sheep far more interesting than the sculptures!

honey.jpg         rupert.jpg

We would like to thank the nursing and support staff who came along to ensure our visit went smoothly and to provide support for the students. Particular thanks are due to our Art teacher, Ms Johnson, who worked tirelessly for several weeks to arrange this hugely enjoyable educational visit. 

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