Weightlifters visit Cloughside

Cloughside College has recently welcomed two female weightlifters to be interviewed by our students.

Our students prepared some fantastic questions for our guests during their pastoral form times.

Weightlifters 01


Students then gathered in the gym to meet our guests, Joanne Gooch and Amy Salt.

Joanne is an NHS nurse who started her weightlifting journey two years ago by embarking on a training program at a local gym. She started lifting weights a year ago after receiving a Christmas gift of weightlifting classes. She now couldn't imagine her life without it! It has made her become much more confident in herself. Joanne says, "Weightlifting has completely changed my life and my health. The team we have are amazing and supportive like a second family."

Amy Salt is a student and weightlifter who represents Wales and Great Britain. She began weightlifting 4 years ago and has progressed to professional competitions as a part-time sports-funded job. She is determined to represent Great Britain in the forthcoming Commonwealth Games. Amy says, "Weightlifting is still a hobby, and thankfully I can do it as a part-time job alongside my studies. If it wasn't for weightlifting I wouldn't have met the amazing friends I have or feel so good."

We really enjoyed our meeting with the female weightlifters and hope to see them again. Our students gained a lot from their visit and have since been asking more questions relating to healthy lifestyles.